Dog waste management is an essential principle for responsible ownership. It is crucial to pick up what your dog leaves behind and ensure you dispose of it properly. Experts recommend picking up the mess your furry-friend does anywhere, such as in the home, park, pavement, or out in the countryside. 

Not picking your dog poo is unethical because someone could step in it. At the same time, dog poo is harmful to human health because it contains bacteria and parasites, such as Giardia, Hookworm, and Roundworm. In today’s article, we ask The Team At Cheap Skips 4 Hire and they will tell you how to dispose of dog poo correctly. Read on! 

Use Biodegradable Poop Bags

If you live in a neighbourhood with not enough outdoor space, you can bag your dog’s poop and put it in the garbage. We think this is the most eco-friendly option to get rid of your dog poo. 

However, you must use biodegradable poop bags and avoid regular plastic or other types of grocery bags. Remember, your dog poop will end up in the landfill site, but this is considered feasible if you have no other option. 

Flush the Poop 

If you want your garbage bins to smell better, you can flush the dog poo down the toilet. However, it is crucial to follow an eco-friendly approach and use a flushable bag to bring your dog’s poop inside. Your dog’s poop will get disposed of down the toilet and through the sewer system. 

There are a few things you need to consider when using this option. For instance, avoid tying the flushable bag and leave it open to prevent trapping of air. That way, you can flush the bag easily without any problems. 

Make sure you hire an expert plumber to check pipes. If there are any blockages, make sure the plumber unclog the pipes. Otherwise, flushing the bags down the toilet would lead to complications. 

Bury your Dog’s Poop

You can bury your dog’s poop if you have enough space on the property. If you have previously buried your dog’s waste, make sure you don’t dig the same spot. Bury the waste around 6 or 12 inches deep. It will take around two weeks for the poop to decompose. However, in the UK, it will take more time because of the cold conditions. 

While you no longer will see the poop, some parasites and bacteria can persist for a long time. Therefore, choose is an out of the way spot to bury your dog’s waste. Make sure it is away from the garden or plants. 

Composting Dog Poop

Composting your dog’s poop is an eco-friendly way to get rid of the waste. Research shows that composting allows you to prevent methane gas production and convert the dog waste into something usable and useful. 

Avoid using the compost for edible plants even if you have the most effective composting system. Temperature is a crucial aspect to consider. Your compost heap needs 165 degrees for at least five days to destroy all the parasites and germs within your dog’s waste.