After receiving somewhat interesting pushback for posts like this and this I decided to sit down and come up with some pros and cons to a Trump candidacy for president.

It’s going to be a light-hearted approach. (If you were expecting something different from a website called American Irony I recommend you consult the “i’ section of a dictionary)

While developing this piece my hardline opposition to his campaign softened a bit, there is merit to his candidacy and it will be interesting, if not entertaining, to see how his unorthodox (and somewhat refreshing) approach will shake out.

Starting with the pros…

Pro #1: He doesn’t need the job, like, at all

Obviously. This might be the one case in the country’s history where a candidate isn’t seeking the presidency for the power. He has more of it living as billionaire not confined to the POTUS bubble.

Hillary Clinton wants to raise 2 billion dollars to run for president, which would be by far the most raised by a candidate, ever. If you plug in “Donald Trump worth” into Google it spits out $4 billion dollars.

In other words, while Hillary’s fundraising goal is dubious the Donald would need to throw just one super-ostentatious fundraising party that would consist of him on every screen in Times Square, with a party hat strapped to his head (to keep any wind from disturbing his COTUS = Combover of the United St… –  you get the idea), a solid-gold kazoo, his red-ink (which is really the blood of angels) pen, and his checkbook. It would kick Hillary’s wallet’s ass in one fell swoop, and he would still have a couple of billion left over to play with when the Mr. USA pageant is done, win or lose.

There would be no special interests, no lobbyists, no super PACs, his campaign answers to itself and the voters he is trying to woo.

Some people call that buying an election. Those people are usually liberal socialists who believe rich people who run for public office, if they must, should spend less of their wealth funding their campaign for a needless demotion and more of it on them, and by them they mean “the greater good” in order to mask their own selfish greed.

Pro #2: The Apprentice-White House Edition

How awesome would it be to see Apprentice style competitions, hosted by the Trump Administration, where the contestants face impossible tasks with an unreasonably short amount of time to complete them?

One such task could be conducting a bake sale with the uneaten food (which is all of it) from Michelle Obama’s school lunches, (and the unreasonably short time frame would be somewhere in the neighborhood of forever o’clock).

As far as presidential caliber behavior goes, this couldn’t possibly be worse than Obama making appearances on The Daily Show.

This wouldn’t even take up that much time for a President Trump. He only gets a few minutes at the beginning and end of every episode anyway. Facetime on the will be substantially less than one of Obama’s golf games, to say nothing his cavorting with late-night comedians.

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