Here are the most interesting facts that you must know about pop culture.

Pop culture is a wheel

If you assume that Pop is just about the music and dance, then no wonder you will be amazed to learn that it covers a whole lot of niche under its vast empire. Music, dance, books, magazines, fashion, comics, art, zines, memes, viral videos and many other digital media come under the shadow of Pop culture. Most of the people think that Pop culture is always pithed high and nails on the top of all cultures in the world. But the study says that Pop culture is a giant wheel that keeps rotating. Hence you cannot predict the success rate on any event.

Pop culture

Pop Culture is Popcorn

If you imagine of any pop star or any pop culture, what do u think is the time stamp of that very person or event? No doubt 20th century right. All your pop albums, your short series, Netflix and concerts and so on are all the babies of pop culture. They are contributing to the charm and popularity of the culture. These are the hottest popcorns of the entertainment industry. These days every second person you meet will have a line linked with the Pop culture.

Pop culture is a commodity

Almost everything in this world has a traditional evolution, say from clothes to space ship everything has a story to tell. In the same way, the Pop culture also has a beginning; it was since the evolution of art and theatre. If you consider the theatre plays of Shakespeare to be cool, then it is Pop, if you consider the loud music to be cool then it is Pop culture, eventually any latest event that is crowd attracting, then that becomes a pop culture, Hence it has become commodity that updates every day than a cultural thread.

Everyone is a Pop

This sentence “Everyone is a Pop” is said by one of the most famous dancers and father of Pop culture Michel Jackson. This statement makes so much of sense because, either you will be a producer of the pop event or will be a customer. There is no ways that you are not attached to the chain of it. The network of the Pop is so vast that it has almost engulfed the entire globe. The customers of this very culture are growing day by day.

Pop Gossip is new cool

Everyone loves to gossip, if it is about the hottest and latest culture then you can make few fans just by gossiping about it. Weird but cool right! The market of pop culture is one of the most demanding and enigmatic platforms. It recognizes thousands of new talents every year. Pop is famous for gossips and of course scandals. Anyway, Pop gossip is the juiciest pieces of talks that happen all around the globe.